Private pilot

Private Pilot

Private Pilot training

Our One-on-One Private Pilot training is conducted under Part 61 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. This allows us to highly personalize your training making it possible to schedule training around your availability. No Class schedule and no crowded classroom distractions.

The requirements to be eligible for the certificate can be found in the FAR’s and the process in general looks like this:

1. Find a Flight School. (Congratulations you’re in the right place!)

2. Apply for a Student Pilot Certificate.

3. Get an FAA Medical Certificate.

4. Complete the required Aeronautical Experience required by the FAR’s

5. Pass the FAA Written Exam.

6. Pass the FAA Practical Exam.

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To offer unparalleled, highly personalized training, and prepare our pilots to make safe decisions.


Pilot training focused on the pilot, not just the test.